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One of the things about the new generation is the constant need to make things easier. Whether or not that is a pro or con, is a totally different story. No matter your opinion on the matter, I believe we can all agree that we'd particularly like life to be easier rather than more difficult. Here are just a few ways to ensure that is a possibility:

1. For those of us with school-aged children, the morning rush can be a little overwhelming. Try doing the less important things the night before! Make lunches that don't need to be warm (sandwiches, wraps, salads, you know--healthy stuff!) and place them in the fridge for morning. Set out clothing so that it's in quick reach in the morning, and make sure baths or showers are done the night before. This means you only need to make breakfast in the morning and get the kids out the door.

2. One of my personal favorite life hacks for home and family, is tackling the housework when it seems nearly impossible. Maybe everyone is home, or you have cats or dogs that make cleaning up really tricky considering it gets messy right after you do it. Either way, one sure way to get it done is to focus on one room at a time. Send the kids out to play, put the pets in one room, and focus on one room at a time. It seems less hectic that way!

3. Next up, maybe laundry isn't your thing. Maybe you have piles upon piles of it stashed in a closet and you are a little scared of what possible animals might be hidden in there. The thing is, if you leave your clothes in a hamper or pile too long, they can develop mold and get you sick. So here's one life hack that is a must: Baking Soda! When you do your laundry, use your regular detergent and throw in some of those scent bubbles you can buy, along with a cup of baking soda. It's a natural absorbent and will take away the potential toxins and make your clothes even cleaner than you could have imagined!

4. Here's a life hack that will be fun for the whole family. Want to spend time with your kids but have no extra cash after the bills got paid? No, don't throw a device at that and say have fun. Pull out those dusty board games and have family game day. You'd be surprised how much more obsessed with Monopoly the kids can get instead of their ipads and phones.

Most of these life hacks for home and family are pretty obvious, but in society today a lot of them are going out of style. Bringing back family time and doing things one step at a time, is the most useful thing you could ever do. It's also the easiest and cost effective, especially since all your electronics cost more than your first car did! Best of luck!

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