What are the best methods of Organizing for Baby's Arrival?

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Organizing for baby's arrival can be a large task. Anyone's sanity would be at stake! This is not a task that you should wait too long to start. To be most efficient, go room by room taking an inventory of what you have and notating what you need. No one really know what they need exactly, but if you break it down simply into categories you know they will need clothes, diapers, breast milk or formula, and somewhere to sleep at night or lay during the day. Once you have your main categories, you can then break down what you need within each category.

First things first, the fun part, the clothes! Clothes are so cute and chances are that you will receive tons of gifts from friends and family, most of which will be clothes. You should consider washing and sorting them early. Using affordable dividers for the dresser will help . I like to put socks, headbands, and hats in the top drawer. In the 2nd drawer are onesies, pants and shorts. In the 3rd drawer are shoes, knick-knacks, pool stuff, etc. Nothing dangerous if baby were to get into it though! In the closet you should hang all dresses and shirts that are not onesies. Over the door hooks are amazing for the bedroom and baby's bathroom because you can throw all the sweaters, jackets, ad towels on them without fuss. On top of the dresser is a cute basket for "stuff" and a spinning diaper organizer which helps tremendously with having diapers, wipes, and Desitin handy. Next to the crib, the best investment you can have is a set of drawers, even a nightstand will do with some drawers on it. The top drawer for 'jammies, 2nd/3rd drawers for swaddles, baby blankets and sheets. DONE! Clothes are the easy part.

Into some nitty gritty - the kitchen. Recommendation: dedicate one (or 2) cabinets for baby only. It makes life that much easier when you can easily find formula, paci's, bottles, sippy cups, baby approved snacks, bibs, whatever! Speaking of bibs, organizing for baby's arrival pro tip...get one or two over the door wreath hooks for the cabinet that you can hang with the hook facing inside and you can hang all those pesky bibs that are so hard to keep organized and you have more shelf space for other things. The kitchen is one place you will find yourself spending a lot of time in, especially as baby gets older and into solids. Organize now!

Finally, bottles, breast milk and formula. Invest in some extra bottles (maybe 6 to 9 bottles), 2 drying racks (that's right, I said 2!), and plastic bibs that you can hand wash quickly with Velcro in the "catch" portion of the bib. Bottle cleaning scrubbers are great as well. You will need more bottles whether you are just tired of washing so many over and over (you can wash more bottles, less times a day instead of washing less bottles more times per day) or you will need many for day care if you are going back to work. the 2 drying racks are helpful with so many bottles, but also so you can hang those plastic bibs you rinsed off and if you are pumping breast milk, you can use them to dry those bottles and tools. One final recommendation - if you are breast feeding and pumping, grab a small container for the fridge and freezer labeled "baby milk" so you have a place that you can store the bags easily and not get crushed with left overs.

Ultimately, you want to devise a system that works for you and sometimes you do not know what will work until the time is here and you re-do everything. Even after baby is here, you organize again and again because as the baby grows the needs and processes for caring for that baby change. These few suggestions do help though in those initial months while adjusting. Have fun!

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