How do I go about balancing work and family time?

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Balancing work and family time is very essential in order for the modern working Christian woman to feel at peace with her life as a business woman and with her life as a mom and wife. This may all seem very overwhelming for sure, when there is so much at home for a mom to do without ever leaving the house to work at a job. However, the reality is that there are many Christian women that do find themselves having to be income earners just to help pay the bills, keep a roof over their heads and to keep the kids fed.

So here we share some very practical tips for a Christian woman to achieve the balance that she wants to have when it comes to work and family.

1. Always start your day with God. This means take at least ten to twenty minutes to focus on Him in prayer and in the Word of God. Tell Him what you are concerned about as He surely cares. Ask Him for the power and wisdom you need to balance family and work. See how He will come through for you, because you are His child and He is glad that you are asking Him for this. God created work and the family and surely understands your need for His power in balancing work and family. Praise God as well. Praising God and worshipping Him brings you a sense of peace and calmness that will give you the power to start your day off right and that will likely end right as well.

2. Keep a time schedule. Schedule things that you have to do for work and home. This will keep things flowing along nicely and smoothly. Do not steal away family time for stuff to work on as work will always be there, but a family is precious and is to be cherished.

3. Set boundaries with people. You do not have to answer your phone every time it rings if people know you are working on something, especially if they know you are working at home. For example, you have a right to say, "From four to six o'clock I do not take phone calls from my friends." Or if during the evenings people try to call you a lot when you are washing clothes, spending time with the children, getting lunches ready for the next day, etc., you also have a right to set boundaries with people informing them that you need your evenings for yourself and your family. You can let them know a certain day of the week that you are willing to chat with friends, like perhaps on a Saturday, or whenever it is best for you..

4. Give your children chores that you all do at the same time. Perhaps one child is washing the floor, perhaps the husband is cleaning the dog poop out of the yard, perhaps you are ironing. Give a set amount of time for these chores and then when each of you is done, meet up in the living room or family room to play a game, eat popcorn, talk, etc. Doing the chores all at the same time frees up time to come together after as a nice reward of being together.

5. Also, always pray together and read the Bible together as a family for five to ten minutes in the morning and in the evening. It is ideal to do this at breakfast and supper, since you are already all together any way. The spiritual well being of a family is important to your work and family life balance; for when the family members are well spiritually, your mind will be at ease and will be able to focus peacefully on work without nagging worries about the family weighing you down.

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