what should i do if my mom is on leave for 15 day in cg offices grade 4 is she paid salary or not? even most of the time she is absent in office due to ill health without leave application for 15-15 day....

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Answered by: Elizabeth Leer, An Expert in the Working Moms - General Category
This is a question that needs to be answered by your mother's H/R Department, as every company has its own policies about sick leave. Additionally salaried employees often negotiate their own benefits packages when in the hiring process, so what your mother's package includes could be very different than what someone else at the same level at another company has. Check your mother's sign on or most recent review documents to see what her package is. If the answer is not in there, go to her companies H/R department and ask them. Your mother may be the one who has to ask these questions since it is a privacy issue, unless she is physically unable to ask and you have been placed as her custodian.

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